Reseal & Save Glass

At Wiki Auto Glass, we can remove any glass on your vehicle and save for whatever purpose you may need it for. Or we can remove and reseal if there is a leak, which saves you money on not needing to purchase a whole new glass if your auto glass is still good. All it will cost you is the labor to remove and reseal/install if requested.

We also provide this service for vehicles going thru an Auto Body repair or restoration for individuals or Auto Body Shops and re-install the glass after the body work is completed or when requested.

What are the benefits of saving your auto glass ?


  • Cost savings in materials
  • Keep waste out of the landfills (Protects Our Aina)
  • Environmentally Responsible thing to do with a product that is still usable.
  • Having the best pinchweld repair possible by having your windshield or backglass removed for repairs. The most common water leaks are from rusted pinchwelds in Hawaii. The only way to fix this problem is with body work done by a reputable Auto Body Shop. "Bondo cannot be used for Body Work on your pinchwelds". It is a serious safety hazard if this is not done properly. We can refer you to a reputable Auto Body Shop on Oahu.


Disclaimer: We do not guarantee to save all glass, due to the fragile nature of glass and the possibilities of body damage which can cause stresses on auto glass. We do have a very high 100% success rate with saving glass.